12.8.2023 – Koiteli Elää, Kiiminki – tickets



All photos by Marianne Kostet.


Saga met Teemu at a French lecture and Juuso in an airplane to southern Burgundy. Despite of, or maybe thanks to their different musical backgrounds, Sagastrophe’s sound quickly found its form. When the trio took the stage at a local countryside festival, the audience got to witness a unique play of melody and rhythm that was as hard to categorize, as it was to forget. As if Lana Del Rey, Bruce Springsteen and Black Sabbath had met on the same stage. 

The stories that demanded to be told, created Sagastrophe. Each listener can find reflections of themselves in the lyrics. The same mirror that caught the trio, also drew Jere with them. At the moment the grown-into-a-quartet is recording their second album. So debut record Strange Dreams, leading listeners to a mystical adventure, was only the beginning.