Single That Girl, 2022

Album Strange Dreams, 2021

Tracks: Rabbit Hole / Like The Rain / Dreamer Kids / Stargazer Station / Miss Arsenic / Strange Dreams / Come Fly / White Day / Blue

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”On doit créer un groupe!” The foundations of Sagastrophe were laid in spring 2019 when singer-songwriter and pianist Saga Sutela met drummer Teemu Kangas at a French lecture. ”That girl must be one hell of a singer”, thought Kangas when he heard Sutela’s voice for the first time. Getting to know each other, those two realized they should join forces and start a band to chase the musical dream they both had. In that spring, Sutela met musician Juuso Sippola during a trip to Taizé, France. In the airplane, videos from young Sagastrophe’s first training sessions were shared, and soon Sippola, a musical multitalent himself, was part of the ensemble.

Sagastrophe’s sound is inspired by the different musical backgrounds of the trio. Yet one thing unites them: a shared passion. Sutela’s ethereal vocals and distinctive piano play, combined with Kangas’ and Sippola’s love for classic rock, have created a unique play of melody and rhythm. Their music is hard to categorize, but features of melodic rock, alternative and folk can be distinguished. 

During summer 2019 the group conquered local countryside festivals and after that took it to centres of Oulu’s cultural life. The first album ”Strange Dreams” was released in August 2021, and new material is anticipated in 2022. Sagastrophe’s songs draw from the emotions, moods, thoughts and experiences that, for their sensitivity, depth and sometimes also difficulty, can truly only be conveyed from one human to another through music. 


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